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Kingwood Car Accident Lawyer

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Rodney Jones Texas Car Accident Lawyer
Rodney Jones Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Why You Need a Kingwood Car accident Lawyer

After a car accident in Kingwood, Texas, you’re typically left to deal with a plethora of tasks: insurance claims, medical appointments, and perhaps most importantly, securing your legal rights and the compensation you’re entitled to. With stakes this high, having a dependable Kingwood car accident lawyer by your side is not just an option; it’s a necessity. The Rodney Jones Law Group is here to guide you through these trying times, ensuring you’re well-informed and supported from start to finish. So, let’s break down how our law firm becomes a crucial partner in your quest for justice after a car accident in Kingwood.

After a car accident, you’re not just dealing with physical injuries or damage to your vehicle; there are also potential long-term ramifications to consider. Having a Kingwood car accident lawyer by your side means you get someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. Our lawyers provide:

  • Tailored legal strategies
  • Deep knowledge of Texas laws and regulations
  • Skillful negotiations with insurance carriers
  • Court representation as required
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How Rodney Jones Law Group Stands By You

The Rodney Jones Law Group offers more than just legal advice; we provide a partnership. Our team dives deep into each case, ensuring our approach is perfectly matched to your unique circumstances. Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Detailed case examination
  • Thorough evidence collection
  • Vigorous representation in all negotiations and, if needed, in court
  • Ongoing support as you work towards recovery

The Rodney Jones Law Group offers a full spectrum of legal services and support for car accident victims in Kingwood, Texas. From the initial consultation to securing compensation, our dedicated team stands by each client every step of the way, ensuring that justice is pursued vigorously and effectively.

Over 100 Million in Settled Cases

$1.9 Million

18-Wheeler Accident

$1.2 Million

Automobile Collision


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Urgency in Legal Action

Texas laws impose a deadline for filing a car accident claim, highlighting the importance of timely action. Getting in touch with a lawyer right away not only helps in safeguarding your claim but also ensures valuable evidence is not lost. Quick action is crucial for:

  • Adhering to Texas’s statute of limitations
  • Gaining from early legal intervention
  • Securing critical evidence and testimonies

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A Few Quick Facts

Why Do You Need Legal RepresentationTailored strategies, skilled negotiations, and court representation as required.
Comprehensive SupportCase examination, evidence collection, negotiations, and court representation.
Urgency in Legal ActionAdhering to Texas’s statute of limitations and securing evidence promptly.
What Are Common Causes of AccidentsDistracted driving, speeding, impaired driving, and poor road conditions.
Post-Accident StepsSeek medical care, report the incident, document everything, and contact a lawyer.
What Are Costs of HiringNo upfront costs; fees are a percentage of the compensation secured.
What Is The Deadline For Filing a ClaimDeadline generally two years from the accident date.
Uninsured DriversCompensation options may be available through your own insurance or legal action.
Comparative NegligenceCompensation possible even if partly at fault, as long as less than 50% responsible.
Initiating Legal ProcessStart by scheduling a meeting with a Kingwood car accident lawyer for case evaluation.

Why Clients Trust Us

The Rodney Jones Law Group is a family-based law firm built on trust, dedication and experience. We protect and fight for our clients as if they are a part of our family. This relationship gives them confidence that we will fight our best to win their case.

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