What to Do After an 18-Wheeler Accident?


April 23, 2024

What to Do After an 18-Wheeler Accident?

In the event of an 18-wheeler accident, the immediate aftermath can be overwhelming and confusing. Knowing what steps to take can make a significant difference in protecting your well-being and your legal rights.

Here are some essential actions to consider:

1. Stop at the Scene: It’s crucial to comply with state laws by stopping at the scene or as close to it as possible without obstructing traffic. This step ensures proper assessment of the situation and adherence to legal requirements.

2. Get out of Immediate Harm if Necessary: If any vehicles involved pose an immediate danger, prioritize your safety by moving away from harm’s way. This precaution can prevent further injuries or escalation of the accident’s severity.

3. Contact Emergency Response/Report the Accident: Promptly contacting local emergency services is vital for ensuring swift assistance and documentation of the accident. Reporting the incident accurately is crucial for subsequent legal proceedings.

4. Document Damages: Human memory can be unreliable, especially in stressful situations. Documenting the scene, including damages to vehicles and injuries, through photographs and videos is essential. Capture images of all angles of the 18-wheeler, your vehicle, visible injuries, and damaged property.

5. Identify Witnesses/Collect Evidence: Gathering witness information and recording their accounts strengthens your claim. Additionally, documenting details such as the US DOT number on the truck, license plate numbers, and occupants of the vehicles involved provides valuable evidence.

6. Seek Treatment Immediately: Even if you feel uninjured immediately after the accident, seeking medical attention is crucial. Adrenaline can mask symptoms, and injuries may manifest later. Prompt medical evaluation ensures early detection and treatment of any underlying conditions.

7. Do Not Speak with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company: It’s essential to exercise caution when communicating with the other driver’s insurance company. Statements made to them can potentially be used against you. Consulting with legal counsel before engaging with insurers is advisable to protect your rights.

Navigating the aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident can be challenging, but taking these steps can help safeguard your well-being and legal interests. If you require legal assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


April 23, 2024

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