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Truck Accidents Attorney Houston, TX

From big rig accidents in Houston to oil truck crashes in West Texas to delivery truck collisions all over the country, we’ve dealt with them all. These massive trucks are essential for transporting the goods we rely on, but they come with a significant downside: they’re dangerous. When a semi-truck is involved in an accident, it can be extremely severe and often deadly for people in smaller vehicles.

This is mainly because trucks are huge, heavy, and incredibly challenging to bring to a stop.

We’ve assisted victims of truck accidents where vehicles crossed into oncoming traffic. We’ve helped a mother whose ambulance collided with the back of a sugar cane truck in Louisiana. Our firm receives calls nearly every day from people involved in serious truck accident cases. At The Rodney Jones Law Group P.C., we understand that handling cases related to truck wrecks in Houston can be complicated. We deal with them regularly. Trucking companies and insurance firms will go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility. That’s why you need attorneys who understand how to win and will fiercely fight for your rights.

How to Handle Truck Accident Cases in Texas

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a trucking accident, there’s only one Texas truck accident law firm you should contact. Whether your injuries resulted from an accident caused by a reckless driver or a poorly maintained vehicle, we’re here to assist you.

Whether it’s property damage, severe injuries, or cases involving wrongful death, you can rely on our team. We have years of experience, a track record of success, and a reputation for vigorously advocating for clients involved in significant truck accidents.

We understand that substantial medical bills, lost wages, and an uncertain future are just some of the challenges people face when they reach out to us after a truck wreck. Our clients trust us for a simple reason: we treat them like family. At The Rodney Jones Law Group P.C., our truck accident lawyers are not afraid of tough cases. When a client needs medical care, we ensure they receive it. When the other side isn’t playing fair, we push even harder for results.

After years of countering their tactics, we’ve heard almost every excuse the trucking industry comes up with following a devastating semi-truck accident. They hire lawyers, make threats, and try to evade responsibility as much as possible. When trucking companies refuse to own up to their negligence, we make sure they do. When insurance companies unfairly delay or deny claims, our team fights for fair treatment. Our Houston 18-wheeler accident attorneys have achieved record-setting victories by never backing down, even when facing the largest corporations. At The Rodney Jones Law Group P.C., we’re here to help you win.

Contact Rodney Jones for your Truck Accident Case!

At The Rodney Jones Law Group P.C., our Texas truck injury lawyers won’t allow our clients to be pushed around by insurers and shipping companies. Achieving justice takes time and preparation, and we’re dedicated to the long-term battle. We thrive under pressure, excel in negotiations, and won’t hesitate to take a case to trial when necessary. Our fearless approach and history of setting records send a clear message to the other side that they’re in for a fight.

By the time an accident becomes news, we’re already hard at work to ensure survivors get the support they need. Large truck operators, reckless drivers, and other parties must be held accountable for their actions, especially when they harm our clients. We take every case personally because the outcomes we achieve shape our clients’ lives forever. While we can’t change what happened to you, we’ll do everything in our power to help you recover, no matter what. Contact us at 832-377-5529.